About us

My name is Julie, owner of Jules Sea Moss. I’ve been engaged in health practices for years now.  In the past couple of years, I came across Sea Moss. Fascinated by the cross cultural and nutrient dense culinary gel, I discovered and embarked on this research when my health needed it the most. This superior sea moss consists of amazing properties that’s been said to have the potential to support our bodies in so many ways. After battling and nearly defeated from the effects of inflammation, I incorporated sea moss in my daily life and realized this is something I need to share with you, as I experienced how amazing this truly is. My own personal experience has inspired me to start my own business and share this amazing wonder with you.  I’m dedicated to providing you with high-quality sea moss, prepared to ensure the purest and richest state in each hand-crafted assortment.

When I’m not making sea moss, I enjoy spending time with my family, going to the gym, and venturing my where-abouts to beautiful sites and nature across the United States.




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  • “I used to get bad heartburn on a daily basis with gas and stomach aches no matter what I ate. Taking the sea moss, I do not have heartburn or gas anymore and if I miss some days of taking the sea moss, I start getting the heartburn and stomach issues again, so I know it works.”

    Mary Cosgriff

  • “I have been taking Sea Moss now for three months and I have reduced inflammation on my stomach problems. I have also found using it for my topical skin issues has gone away. I’m really glad I tried it because it really works.”

    Laurie Kaiser

  • “I have used the Sea Moss for my son’s pimples on his arms for one month now and it has reduced them significantly.  They are not completely gone yet but it started to work fabulously.  I'm excited to see more progress.”